Laser Correction

YAG Peripheral Iridotomy

What is Yag-PI??

Yag PI is a laser management for patients who may develop glaucoma.

Why is Yag-PI done??

when a person has not developed glaucoma but falls in the category of glaucoma suspect because one or the other Risk factors are present, like high intra ocular pressure, patient goes for YAG-PI

How does it work??

in Yag-PI, a hole is made so that the aqueous drainage is increased and the IOP is brought down. Thus, reducing the chances of developing glaucoma.

YAG Capsulotomy

What is yag cap??

Yag Cap is the cleaning of the posterior capsule of the pseudophakic patient.

Why is Yag cap done??

This is done in patients where during cataract surgery, dense cortex material stays behind and form dense depositions on the posterior capsule of the lens.

How does it work?? 

With this LASER, the lens capsule is cleaned and removal of cortex material.

Prophylactic LASER

What is prophylactic LASER??

This is a preventive method for patients with retinal break or hole. This laser correction will prevent the retina from detachment.

Why is prophylactic laser done??

This is done in patients where the doctors find retinal hole. Prophylaxis means preventive. So this LASER is a preventive method to protect the retina from getting torn or detached.

How does it work??

the tissue around the hole is burned so that the hole does not exaggerate with time and helps the retina from getting detached.

Why LASER correction at Aurobindo

  • State-of-art instruments are used.
  • Proper sterilization technique is implemented
  • Renowned ophthalmologists perform the LASER correction